Track My Safari

The app that enables you to share an entire day’s worth of activities in a few simple clicks.

Keep track of the amazing places you visited

  • Uses GPS to track
  • No mobile data needed
  • Never forget the trip details

Know right where the photo was taken

  • Easily manage photos
  • Records photo locations
  • Easily share via the app

Waypoints denote events

  • Multiple markers
  • Easily records trip details
  • Add more details

Social media sharing

  •  Share with simple clicks
  • Email the entire trip
  • Remember more with notes

Reviews from actual users:

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote
To travel is to live.”

– Hans Christian Andersen

Travel. Capture. Share.

TrackMySafari enables you to share an entire day’s worth of activities in a few simple clicks. As you laze in front of an intoxicating view idly sipping on a sundowner, you can share the highlights of your day in one simple upload. With your route tracked and photo points, village visits, migration routes, walking safaris and picnic stops highlighted with waypoints, the rest of the world can instantly know just how wonderful your day has been.

More than two billion people now actively use social networks on a monthly basis, and we have genuinely reached the point that if your trip isn’t documented somewhere online then it probably only happened in your imagination. And once you’ve returned to the ‘real world’, there’s a certain satisfaction that can be derived from privately re-living each and every moment of your safari.

Because we believe that magic is something YOU make happen.

‘Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale’ – and surely the goal should be to make that fairytale as fantastic as possible. To have extraordinary experiences. To explore new places. To meet new people and encounter new ideas. Ultimately, it is only by sharing what we see and do and learn that we come to fully understand it and have the chance to ignite a passion in others.

Use TrackMySafari to share your world, linger over your memories, and capture some magic.

With our apps you can:

  • track your route
  • place waypoints at points of interest
  • take photos and have icons record where they were taken
  • post to social media platforms
  • share your trip details & photos via email

GPS Enabled

Keep track of a trip of a lifetime with GPS and easy to use app

Easy to Share

Easily share your trip with friends and family with just a few clicks

Photo Management

Easily manage photos and save only the ones you love